2015 Ford Atlas – Review and Price

From the day shoppers of pickups from all over the world heard about news that 2015 Ford Atlas to be released in the market early next year, many of them have had mixed speculations about this new amazing pickup.

2015 Ford Atlas

Price details

The price is expected to range from $ 40,000 to $ 45,000. The following are the new features that you need to expect when thinking about buying this 2015 model;

Under the Hood

The pickup will have 3.5. L and a V6 engine system. This engine system is designed to consume less fuel when compared to the existing models in the market. This will definitely makes it an idea pickup for those people who want to save on fuel. The engine also will also have more power that the existing model and this means that it will have the ability to accelerate faster up to 50 miles in just 10 seconds. It will also have an improve battery that has the capability to safe more energy when compared to the previous model of the pickup that exist in the market now.
2015 Ford Atlas top view
It will also have a 360-degree camera view and this will make it more unique and move at a faster speed than many of the pickup models that exists in the market. It has new integrated loading ramps that will give it ability to illuminate road when driving at night.
2015 ford atlas interior

Styling and Features

It will have a Box-link that is a custom bracket & cleats put inside the cargo box for fitting a range array of accessories when traveling. This will enable you to repair your vehicle easily regardless of the place of breakup. It will also have Smart trailer haul module that will alert the driver about potential trailer issues, from a connection issue to the burnt out bulbs among others thus enabling the driver to take actions before it is too late.
2015 Ford Atlas side view
2015 Ford Atlas pickup will have modern Remote tailgate and LED spotlights on side-view mirrors to help the driver when moving at higher speeds. The Next-gen tailgate will be fully integrated into a tailgate and invisible in cases when the driver is not using them. The LED-lit cargo box and 5.5-foot bed box will enhance the safety of the pickup by ensuring that the pickup is stable when moving at higher speeds.
2015 Ford Atlas rear view 2

2015 Ford Atlas Verdict

In conclusion, this review about this amazing pickup that will be ready for sale in the market by early January should give what you need to expect and improvement from the previous models once you buy one from the market.


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