2015 Ford Edge – Styling and Changes

The subsequent generation of the Ford Edge will be delivered as a 2015 Ford Edge model. The innovative edge is conveyed to entice more buyers that are considering vehicles that are appropriate for families as it comes to the family facility vehicle convenience segment.

2015 Ford Edge side view

Features and Specs

This is yet an additional vehicle that Ford will attempt to modify and advance product policy delivering single streak of vehicle for markets all over the world. The headlights are motivated by the company’s kinematic enterprise school as a cover similar to that of Fords saleable vehicles which can be unlocked and closed as desired for enhanced aerodynamics.
2015 Ford Edge rear view
Matched with existing generation this automobile is slightly higher hence creating more space for the driver and travellers. Edge perception 2015 is also very vital to Ford because of its latest parking method which permits the driver to designate the place where they want to park the car which can be done automatically by just pressing the self-park control. Though this phase is still in archetype stage Ford says it will be present in new models soon.

2015 Ford Edge interior

Under the Hood

On the mechanical flank, the ensuing generation of Eco-boost twin-turbo engine might be launched. It will function on 3 engines with four cylinder tubes. The most vital one is 2.5.1 Escapes locomotive with 168HP. The additional two are eco boost engines which moderates energy consumption intensely. The first engine is 1.6.1 with 178HP and second engine is 2.0 I with 248HP. Whether you approve guiding with all wheel conduction or façade wheel transmission you will definitely have an alternative set rendering to your necessity. The diffusion has six gears and it’s not possible to convert them manually.
2015 Ford Edge engine
All being well this trademark new service utility vehicle will have upgraded fuel budget. Its fuel consumption is projected to be 30mpg on the freeway and 21mpg in the metropolitan. This is not too bad for those that will want to use the car for fairly long distances.

2015 Ford Edge Price details

The sequential model of new ford might debut in 2014 but the sale might start a year later which is set to begin in the USA then later to the rest of the world. The price has not been publically broadcasted but it’s assumed it will be adjacent to the price of the first generation which ranges from $27700 to $39150.


Compared to 2015 Ford Escape, both cars have a capacity of five and propose a cutting edge internal scheme and the Ford MyTouch expertise compendium. They both drive with self-regulating deferral and bargain a six speed instinctive conduction.


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