2015 Ford Flex – Release date and Price

The upcoming 2015 Ford Flex will be present at next Auto Show.Last year according buyers, this vehicle won, that is the best family car. For new edition, there are some changes and improvements.

2015 Ford Flex front view

Around the world automobiles are used to transport people and goods from one place to the other. However, apart from the primary purpose being transportation, comfort of a car which is brought about by innovation of interiors, smooth running of the engine, suspension and dynamics among other important features is very important and it is for these reason that motor vehicle makers redesign their car models now and then upgrading them to give the best value for money to the client. Among the best car manufactures is ford whose models are highly regarded for both performance and comfort.

Release date and price

2015 ford flex which is to be released somewhere in between 2014 and 2015 without a definite given date comes out with a new fancy boxy look on its revamped body exterior and interior, the SUV will be very captivating to all car lovers and the pricing is expected to range from somewhere around $31,000.
2015 Ford Flex side view


The performance of Ford flex 2015 which is categorized as exceptional mid-range SUVs will be powered by the 3.5L V6 engine capable of generating 287 horsepower and 254lb-ft of torque while the second option version will be propelled by the direct injection twin turbo 3.5L V6 engine with eco boost and has a capability to generate 365 horsepower and 350lb-ft torque. A six speed automatic gearbox will come in both versions. A 12v car battery that is easy to install has been fitted to store energy that will power all the tech gadgets and light its new shape head and tail lights. The SUV come with big room to accommodate seven passengers in its three row seat cabin and an upgraded entertainment system among other to date tech features.
2015 Ford Flex rear view

Features and Specs

Ford flex 2015 is the ideal car for those who love cruising on mid-range SUVs on both city and country side highways. Its 3.5L engine is very efficient and has considerable fuel consumption that is pocket friendly. This SUV comes with modern features and technology and for that reason the buyer is spared the hustle and extra costs that could be incurred trying to fit updated systems like the windows, lock and music surround.
2015 Ford Flex itnerior
On purchasing the Ford flex 2015 the client is equipped with a well detailed manual that should be used during replacements and upgrades. Ford has many outlets offering genuine parts which should be fitted incase of replacements to pro-long the life of the car and thus finding best value for your money. Availability of parts should be highly considered while purchasing any make of automobile.


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