2015 Ford GT – Performance and Style

The GT has always been Ford’s crown jewel. This car was intended to be a Ferrari killer and it partially achieved that title. The new 2015 Ford GT is expected to be a newer and better version of the old car that will be capable of competing head to head with both the Corvette ZR1 and the European exotics.

2015 Ford GT

The Engine and Performance

This is probably where the biggest changed will take place. The 2015 GT will have a new and improved V8 engine that will most likely be turbocharged rather the supercharged. It will be able to develop around 600 horsepower and as much as 550 lb-ft of torque. This isn’t too impressive, I admit, but the car will also come with a pair of electric motors for the front wheels for a total output of around 800 horsepower. There is also a possibility that it will also feature a battery pack for all electric running, but we aren’t sure about it yet.
2015 Ford GT fron view 3

2015 Ford GT Transmission and performance

The usual manual unit will most likely be replaced with either a dual clutch automatic transmission or with a single clutch high performance unit. All of the gasoline engine’s power will go to the rear wheels but thanks to electric motors, this car will be considered an all wheel drive vehicle. Ford hasn’t said anything about the performance just yet, but we expect the car to go from 0 to 62 MPH in less than 3 seconds and to have a top speed of over 220 MPH.
2015 Ford GT top view

Design – Interior & Exterior

There aren’t any details about the car’s interior just yet, but we expect that the retro look will be kept. So, you will get a very nice looking interior with all leather upholstery and a new addition over the old model, a satellite navigation system. The audio system will be a premium unit and the AC will be a dual zone automatic unit.
2015 Ford GT 2

So far there haven’t been any official released pictures, but from all the internet leaks we can clearly see that the car will feature a more rounded look. It will receive a new front grille, new LED headlights that will also feature Xenon for the running lights and LED tail lights. There will most likely be an automatic rear spoiler that will deploy at high speed and active aerodynamics to improve the car’s handling and top speed.
2015 Ford GT 32

2015 Ford GT Price and Release date

There aren’t many details about the price just yet, but the car is expected to cost around 120.000$ and it is expected to hit the market in the early spring of 2015.


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