2015 Ford Mustang GT – Engine and Features

2015 Ford Mustang GT is available. Ford Mustang is the first American pony car. First model came out in 1964 and it was based on a platform of the long time decesed American Ford Falcon. During its long history it became one of the most popular Ford cars and American cars in general, since the Ford’s legendary Model A. Mustang concept was new for that age, it was a verxsion of a coupe with a long hood and short rear part. During its history it made vast number of visual changes which increased its aerodynamic and racy image.

2015 Ford Mustang GT

Specs and Design

It gave a rise to competition models, primarely from GMC, including: Chevrolet Camaro, Pontiac Firebird, Dodge Challenger and many other pony cars. It was seen in number of Amercian movie classics, especially in the car chase scenes and it was mentioned in popular song ’’Mustang Sally’’ from Wilson Picket which sings about a poor man who bought a Mustang to his girlffriend who simply doesn’t care about him. This song was a nice commercial for sixties Mustang. This legendary American pony car is in production for more then 50 years now, the 2015 model was presented on a 2015 Chicago Auto Show.
2015 Ford Mustang GT top
2015 Ford Mustang is fully redesigned. Its exterior will recieve new fastback shape, shrk-like hood which means new Mustang is become even longer in the front and even shorter in the rear. It will get its new 3 bar taillights as well as xenon headlights. Although the change in car’s configuration is obvious, it didn’t become longer or shorter in its overall lenght too much, only 1,5 inch. Wheelbase stayed the same, but the rear part will be much wider then in previous models (in about 3 inches), there is a roof update and the new roof became lower then in 2014 Ford Mustang. It comes in: V6, V6 Premium, GT and GT Premium trim levels. GT Trim level in addition to all the V6 features has 18 inch alloy wheels, automatic headlights, rear spoiler and forlamps.
2015 Ford Mustang GT interior
Interior design is not going to change so much. New Mustang has improved materials and unique stitching inside the cabin with more elbow, leg and head room. It also comes with Ford Mustang aniversary floor mats. Steering wheel is smaller then in previous mustang models. Rear-view camera comes as part of standard equipment in 2015 Ford Mustang and there are numerous optional safety features like: blind-spot detection, cross-traffic alert, adaptive cruise control etc.

2015 Ford Mustang GT rear v.1

The Engine range

One of the main changes in 2015 Ford Mustang is under its hood. 2015 Ford Mustang GT comes with improved 5,0 liter V8 which will produce more horsepower and lb pt of torque. Specs for the Mustang’s GT trim level are not been released yet, so we only know that new Mustang GT will have more then 420 horsepower and more then 390 pound feet of torque.
2015 Ford Mustang GT side view

2015 Ford Mustang GT Price details

Price for the GT trim is also not announced yet. 2015 Ford mustang V6 costs $24,425, since in 2014 GT trim was $15,000 more expensive then the basic V6 trim level we can expect that 2015 Ford Mustang will cost around $40,000.

Ford cares a lot about Mustang. Ongoing updates that come almost every year rise this car’s popularity a lot and if with take into the account that Mustang is the best selling pony car on the market we realize that it will be hard for any other GM model to come even close of toppling Mustang down from a leading position on pony car best-selling list.


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