2015 Honda CRV – Changes and Review

Honda CRV has been one of the best SUVs in the market. It’s known for its comfort, compatibility and how reliable it is anywhere in the world. Lovers of this automobile will be glad to know that towards the end of this year, a new improved 2015 Honda CRV will be launched in the market. Fortunately, the current model is perfect as it is so no major design changes need to be made.

2015 Honda CRV front 2

This might also be attributed by the fact that Honda prefers to be conservative so physically the new model won’t be any different from the current one. It will still be a family luxury vehicle that screams comfort and elegance.

Changes and Improvements

While the exterior will pretty much stay the same apart from a bit of smooth style added or maybe because it’s smaller, there will be considerable improvements to the new 2015 Honda CRV. The first improvement is that it will have 3-new and different equipments; EL-X, LX and EX. The sound system will also be a step up from the predecessor with a Bluetooth connectivity, Pandora internet radio, auxiliary audio jack, iPod/USB audio interference, and CD player.
2015 Honda CRV interior
It will also have a multi-angle rear view camera and a navigation system that is linked to Honda satellite. This year will also see this car with new colors and new 17 inch alloy or 16 inch stainless steel wheels. The cabin will be bigger and adjustable while the seats remain leather and heated. The new model also has a new suspension system so driving it at high speed and turning won’t be as scary.
2015 Honda CRV 2

Engine and Fuel Consumption

Rumor has it that the 2015 Honda CRV will have a new engine called Earth Dream that fits greatly under the hood. The current model has a 2.4l with 185 hp and 163lb-ft of torque so this new model must be a great improvement if it’s done by launch date. This engine and the current one is easy on the fuel and it’s practical. It has a 5-speed automatic gearbox and a Drive-by-wire throttle system so acceleration is instantaneous and so is 4WD.
2015 Honda CRV

2015 Honda CRV Price and Performance

The 2015 Honda CRV new changes are not easily noticeable until you drive it. Its performance, ease of driving and comfort are very different from its predecessors. These changes however will not affect the price too much and when it’s launched this fall it will be priced between 24,000 to 32,000 dollars depending on how equipped it is. Honda never fails their customers and this new model won’t be any different.

Anyway, look at 2016 version

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