2015 Honda Fit – Styling and Review

The Japanese manufacturer is facing the challenge of having their current Honda Fit hatchback discontinued in some parts of the world such as the United States because of its many limitations. As a way to fight back and avoid this situation in other countries, a new interesting 2015 Honda Fit is being launched.

2015 Honda Fit left side view
This beautiful car will come with a new design both on the outside and inside and of course it will have a better engine for better performance. The sleek family car will be released early 2015 but testing will start towards the end of 2014 so Honda will have finished all the details they plan to put on the new version. However, the car will retain some of its best features such as smooth city driving, tough look, and 5 doors.
2015 Honda Fit interior

Engine and Fuel Consumption

This particular model of Honda Fit will have a variety of engine options the most preferred one being a 1.8 liter 4-cylinder that can do up to 132 horsepower and 128 lb-ft of torque. For people who want more power there is a 2.4 liter engine that is capable of creating 158 horsepower. Of course this option consumes more fuel but the power is unbelievable especially in cities. Rumor has it that the specs will also be available in turbo since this is the new trend.
The 2015 Honda Fit

Design – changes and new style

The Honda Fit of 2015 is expected to have quite a number of new modern features to it. An incredible music system that has a satellite radio, USB interface, premium audio system, and full power accessories is one of the changes people can look forward to in this new hatchback version. Unlike the old models, it will have leather appointed seats and interior trim. The space will be wider and it’s said to have a very improved dashboard.
2015 Honda Fit
The exterior is also expected to change a bit to make it look more elegant and sexy. They will put new designs of mirrors and add lines to the car. The body will be a bit longer and shorter in height while the front and rear bumpers will also be more refined. A new battery that is more durable is one of the changes being made in this new model.

2015 Honda Fit rear

2015 Honda Fit Price

The 2013 model was going for less than 20,000 dollars so the 2015 Honda Fit is expected not to go beyond 25,000 dollars. With the new identity and performance that this model will come with, it is expected that the face-off won’t be as easy anymore. The Honda Fit of 2015 won’t just be a simple family car anymore but a force to reckon with in a body that is sleek and elegant.

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