2015 Land Rover Range Rover Sport – Review

Land rover despite the change of ownership has continued to maintain a high standard of SUVs in their production lines. The recent news of their new arm of production named Jaguar Land rover Special Vehicle Operations arm seems to cement this fact that they seek to maintain an iron fist when it comes to state of the art vehicles. 2015 remains to be an important year for both car lovers and manufacturers alike given the promise of new generation SUVs to grace the roads. One such model is the 2015 Land rover Range rover sport.


Just from the trade mark, one could be forgiven to expect a car out of this world in both performance and design. While most of the soon to be launched car remains speculation, spy photos indicate an improvement in both the overall design and performance than earlier models.
2015 land rover range rover sport road
However the general consensus is there is an increased emphasis on improving the off road qualities of the Range rover while still maintaining its sporty look and feeling. The increased stiffness and slightly lower suspension betrays this fact. This could mean that one can engage in rough terrain comfortably with the new model as opposed to the older model that was rather conservative in such environments.
2015 land rover range rover sport side view

2015 Land Rover Range Rover Sport Exterior

One thing that remains conspicuous about the overall design of the car is it maintains the general overall appearance of a range rover. Even an individual who is not keen on cars would notice this; however, there are slight improvements in the car exterior. A quad exhaust is perhaps the most visible feature given the double exhaust of earlier models. The hood vents and fender are visibly larger than other models. This is still yet to be determined as an aesthetic move or a performance enhancing move.
2015 land rover range rover sport interior


There is no doubt that the manufacturers will try and improve the performance of the model. Conservative estimates point to a 550 horsepower engine a 5.0 litre V8 engine to power the SUV.In addition to all the power an 8 speed automatic transmission on all wheels is also expected, with a special emphasis on improving the torque forces of the car.
2015 land rover range rover sport rear view

2015 Land Rover Range Rover Sport Pricing

While the release date is a subject of conjecture rather than fact, it can be wildly assumed that any of the motor expos or shows might be the launch date. However; pundits estimate the 2015 Land rover Range rover sport to be $100,000 in price of the new model given the improvements that accrue to the model.

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