2015 Nissan X Trail Review and Changes

New edition is finally available, 2015 Nissan X Trail. This model did not present on the whole world, but first details and specs are here. X Trail is one of the most popular Nissan models. It is a mid-size crossover SUV, although in the beginning of its production it was a compact crossover, but it got longer when it became a third generation vehicle. It is in production since 2001.

It is being assembled in Japan and Russia and at the moment this model is not present on the American market, although it was sold in Canada for a few years, but it was later replaced with Nissan Rouge. Now it can be found in Mexico and numerous countries worldwide. Its main rivals are Suzuki Grand Vitara, Ford Escape, Hyundai Tucson etc. It is based on the same platform as Nissan Qasqai, and it basically looks like Qashqai on steroids.
2015 Nissan X Trail side view

2015 Nissan X Trail Design

Since Nissan X Trail has been recently resized, with the longer stance it also came with some new curves when it comes to exterior design. These fortunately don’t eat up the interior space, so the size improvement is very obvious when looking from the inside. Its off-road capabilities are very limited, which is similar with most of the new crossover SUVs. Special off-road package that comes with 4×4-i system can be bought for additional $3,000.
2015 Nissan X Trail interior
New model comes with different dashboard, so it won’t come with tacky hard plastic and simple dashboard design like in the previous models. Interior is colored in piano black themes and it doesn’t look bad at all. If you choose some of the higher trim levels you’ll get 8 inch touch screen infotainment system with Google connectivity that can hook up its navigation system. There is also reasonably good air conditioning, Cruise control, Bluetooth and hill start assist. With base package you will get only 5 inch infotainment screen.

The Engine range

When it comes to performance there’s not much new under the X Trail’s hood. It comes with 1,6 liter that comes with the same output as the old 2,0 diesel engine from previous models. There are rumors that next year a new turbo-charged 1,6 liter will be added up to the Nissan X Trail engine line up.

2015 Nissan X Trail rear view2

2015 Nissan X Trail Price details

Price for the 2015 Nissan X Trail hasn’t been announced yet. Our guess is it is going to come to the dealers in the beginning of 2015, so that means the price is going to be revealed until the end of this year. We don’t think the price of the new model is going to be much different than the last year’s one. Depending on the country where you want to buy your new X Trail, you can pay from $35,000 to $45,000. In United Kingdom for example, new X Trail could be bought for $38,000.


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