2015 Tesla Model S – Review and Release date

Tesla is a well known manufacturer of electric cars and throughout its history, it managed to produce cars such as the Roadster and the Model S. The 2015 Tesla Model S will be just a small restyling of the old model, Tesla is now offering more types of wheels and better battery pack.

2015 Tesla Model S rera vie

Let’s start with what makes this car go. The engine, or let’s say, the motor, is an electric unit that has one moving part and is capable of putting out 310 kW and as much as 443 lb-ft of torque. All of this power will be transferred to the ground via a one speed gearbox, strong enough to handle all that torque from 0 rpm. Take into account the fact that the car will be able to give you all the power from the electric motor only with the biggest capacity battery pack.
2015 Tesla Model S side 2

Under the Hood and Power

Now, you will have three possibilities for the batteries. You can go with the standard model than develops either 225 kW or 270 kW and is available with a 60 kWh battery or a 85 kWh battery. Both of them will do 0 to 60 in under 6 seconds and both of them will do around 120 MPH. Take into account that the smaller battery pack won’t be able to be Supercharged as it is. You will have to pay an extra of 2500$ for it to work. The most powerful model, the Performance pack, will come as standard with Supercharging and an 85 KWh battery.
2015 Tesla Model S interior
This model will sprint from 0 to 60 MPH in just 4.5 seconds and has a limited top speed of 130 MPH. Also, this model will give you around 90 MPG on the highway and as much as 88 MPGe in the city. Also, the 85 kWh battery will give you up to 300 miles of range, almost as much as a petrol car, and considering the fact that the Tesla can be recharged to 100% in less than 30 minute from a Tesla Supercharger, you won’t have to worry you’ll run out of petrol anymore.

2015 Tesla Model S

Styling – Inside look

The interior of the car is its biggest win. This car has four very comfortable seats in the main cabin, good for four adults and also, it can have installed in the rear trunk, two smaller seats for two children. The Tesla Model S also features a “frunk”, as Tesla call the front trunk, possible because the car has a very compact engine on the rear axle.
2015 Tesla Model S side view
On the dashboard, the driver has access to a 17 inch screen that controls all the car’s functions, including the AC, sound system and satellite navigation as well as a smaller screen in place where the dials would be that offers information about speed, current driving mode and available range.
2015 Tesla Model S on the road

2015 Tesla Model S Release date and Price

According some rumors, we can expect this amazing car in fall this year, and early 2015. The price of the car will start at around 70 thousand dollars for the 65 kWh model and go up to 90 thousand dollars for the Performance model.


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