2015 Toyota Matrix – Release date and Price

The 2015 Toyota matrix is a well design car which has superior qualities than the other vehicles. If you want to buy the car, the following is detailed information about the interior and exterior design features, the power terrain, the fuel economy, and the release date and price of the vehicle. Other features which are highlighted include: the safety features and the standard features.

2015 toyota matrix 223

The vehicle’s exterior

The exterior design of the 2015 Toyota will be different from the previous generations. In fact, there are some major changes on the styling of the car. The exterior design of the vehicle will retain some of its tough looks but with an improvement on the styling which has not been there in the previous years. The vehicle also has 16 inch steel tires and it is available in two different trim degrees with fog lights. A sun roof is readily available but it is optional.
2015 toyota matrix interior
Interior design

The 2015 Toyota interior design is suitable for 5 passengers. Inside the car, there are modern features which include: USB interface, satellite radio, full power accessories and premium audio system. The seats of the car also have some new illusions for example seats which are leather wrapped and new choices of interior trim. Apart from that, the matrix also offers a great amount of comfort which is expected. In terms of the vehicle’s safety features, the car has instant breaking system which can halt incase of emergency.
2015 toyota matrix 2

Engine specification

The new matrix will be having a couple of engine options. The base engine will be 1.8L 4 cylinder engine which can create 132hp and 128Ib ft torque. In addition to that, the other engine will be larger as it will be having 2.4L engine which can create a higher torque of 158hp and 168Ib ft torque.
2015 toyota matrix

2015 Toyota Matrix release date and price of the car

The release date of the 2015 matrix has not yet been confirmed. However, it is expected that it will be done before the end of 2014. The price of the vehicle will be ranging from $15,000 to $20,000. In terms of prices, the vehicle will not differ from the previous models.
2015 toyota matrix engine


The 2015 Toyota matrix is indeed the vehicle which you need to look for. This is because of its design and the specification of the vehicle. As compared to other models, the price is relatively cheap. Hence, you can easily obtain one at a reasonable price. Therefore, you need to go for the 2015 matrix vehicle as it can provide you with the comfort which you require. Apart from that, the engine specification is superior and the price is affordable.



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