2016 Dodge Mopar Challenger Drag

The 2016 Dodge Mopar Challenger Drag Pak is a factory dragster that has finally entered production and will soon dominate the drag strips across the world. This new, updated version is the pinnacle of Mopar’s efforts to enter the drag racing scene, at least to date. Arguably the best news concerns a brand new supercharged V-8 that is now on offer as an optional engine. The bad news is that the series is very limited, so if you wanted one, it may be too late.

Sporty Design – Exterior & Interior

The 2016 Dodge Mopar Challenger Drag is basically a factory Challenger with some additions and mods. These include the drag-specific wheels and a massive scoop on top of the engine hood. Of course, individual vehicles will be tailored to their new owners’ tastes, but even those have their limits. Since we can’t talk about a singular design, we might as well focus on the important bits.

For instance, the all-important wheels are 15 inches in diameter, and wrapped in 30-by-9-inch tires in the back, and 28-by-4.5-inch in the front. Otherwise, body type and overall design are identical to that of the regular Challenger.

main image 2016 Dodge Mopar Challenger Drag


The inside of the 2016 Dodge Mopar Challenger Drag is closely based on that of the regular Challenger, albeit some additions that are useful when drag racing. For instance, you’d need special, racing front seats with harnesses and all, plus the safety nets, a Hurst shifter instead of a regular one plus the obligatory cage. This is definitely not a car you drive to work; unless you work on a drag strip. The image is completed by the extra switches and gauges. Plus there had to be some weight in the back in order to stabilize the car.

Under the Hood

Like we said, the 2016 Dodge Mopar Challenger Drag comes with two engine options. One is the 7.0-liter Hemi V-8 with custom performance calibration and 600 hp, and the other is a 5.8-liter supercharged 354 Hemi V-8 with a cast-iron block and superior power and torque. Both feature a special automatic transmission specially designed for racing rather than ordinary driving.

Under the Hood
Bore; Stroke 4.125” x 4.000” 4.060” x 3.400”
TRANSMISSION TH400 with SFI case TH400 with SFI case
Water Pump 6.2L SRT® Hellcat 6.2L SRT® Hellcat
Torque converter 8” Race Converter 8” Race Converter
Fuel system Aeromotive Aeromotive

2016 Dodge Mopar Challenger Drag Release Date

The 2016 Dodge Mopar Challenger Drag is not going to be released on the open market: Dodge company has decided to limit the series and is taking orders as we speak. For all we know, the process might be concluded by the time you’ve finished reading this text.


In case you’re still with us, the new Challenger comes with a $99,500 price tag, if you choose the version with the naturally aspirated 426 Hemi. However, if you want maximum bang for your buck and opted for the V8, it will set you back some $110,000. Plus additional equipment, expenses etc.

While the series is not “technically” limited, there are only so many cars that could be made in one year, and there is no way they can make more than 70, so whether you like it or not, this is a very limited edition.

The biggest competitors are: Ford Mustang Cobra Jet  and Chevrolet COPO Camaro.

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