2016 Ford Mustang EU-Version Price and Changes

After so many years of hoping and yearning, Europe is finally getting its own Ford Mustang. Pony cars appear on European streets once in a blue moon, but they can still be found. They were imported, thus came much more expensive then they could have been. 2016 Ford Mustang EU-Version aims to change that. Car will be available in select European markets, exclusively in FordStore locations.

However, European buyers don’t really have the affinity towards the American cars, and they’ll probably need some time before the Mustang makes it there. Still, there’s always someone who’s interested in an icon like this, and now those people don’t have their work cut out for them.

The Enginge range & Performance

Unlike in the states, 2016 Ford Mustang EU-Version will be offered exclusively with two engine choices. First one is, naturally, smallest 2.3L EcoBoost 4-cylinder unit which produces 310 hp and 320 lb-ft of torque. The other one is also expected. It’s the strongest (non-Shelby) 5.0L V-8 mill which generates as much as 435 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque. Both units (especially the latter) will warrant a hefty tax penalty due to their displacement and power, but sometimes you just got to pay the penalty in order to possess something unconventional.

Both engines will be tied to either 6-speed manual or automatic transmission which isn’t anything new, but still well suited for Europe. Moreover, European Mustang will be offered as a fastback or convertible as well.

Design – Inteiror & Exterior

There will be no major differences between Mustangs for American and overseas markets including the European – at least not visually. 2016 Ford Mustang EU-Version features pony car’s sixth generation styling with everything that comes with it. Sleek, muscular body with sharp headlamps and tail-lights and standard 19-inch alloy or optional nickel wheels are all here. Convertibles get multi-layered soft top which promises better cabin noise-insulation and lower weight figures at the same time.

Inside view

Interior is carried over from American models as well. European Mustang will feature a few choices when it comes to available upholstery and cabin covers, and they’ll range from cloth to leather. SYNC 2 with 8-inc touch screen display will be offered, but it remains to be seen from which grade. It probably won’t be standard, but who knows. Other features include dual-zone climate control, 9-speaker Sony sound system and navigation with 3D view. Apart from that, 2016 Ford Mustang EU-Version will be outfitted with the rest of unmentioned features offered in the states.

Safety options

Safety features, at least those advanced electronic ones, aren’t Mustang’s strong suite. Still, it offers reverse parking sensors, a rearview camera, blind-spot monitors and adaptive cruise control, together with mandatory set of goodies like an airbag system, anti-lock brakes, stability control and brake assist.

2016 Ford Mustang EU-Version main

2016 Ford Mustang EU-Version Price and MPG

Fuel efficiency will be differently measured by European NEDC cycle. That’s why 2016 Ford Mustang E-Version won’t officially hold EPA ratings which state that smaller turbo four manages 22/31 mpg or 21/32 mpg depending on chosen transmission, and that V-8 mill returns either 15/25 mpg or 16/25 mpg likewise. Instead, NEDC numbers will be a little bit higher than that.

Prices too, will be higher in Europe, and will start from around €35,000 or €40,000. Depending on chosen body style and powertrain unit. They will also rise with every optional feature‘s box ticked.

2016 Ford Mustang EU-Version should make life easier to people in Europe with desire to get their hands on the American pony car icon. Still, EU-Version models will be already fitted with plenty of otherwise optional features and with more expensive powertrains which will, in accordance, make them much more expensive affair than the entry-level Mustang in the states.

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