2016 Ford Taurus CN-Version Price & Release date

Taurus is the car which had probably saved its manufacturer during the hardest years that blue oval has gone through. For that, it was rewarded and is now a full-size flagship sedan. 2016 Ford Taurus CN-Version is intended as a probe for in-development Chinese market.

Since this is the first time that Taurus is being offered there, full-size sedan will be slightly different than what’s offered in the states. For starters, it is a next-gen vehicle, and it is much more luxurious than anything offered on this side of the Pacific.

The Engine range

Initial model of 2016 Ford Taurus CN-Version has already been presented in Shanghai. It is powered by Ford’s own 2.7L EcoBoost V-6 engine which produces 325 hp and 375 lb-ft of torque in new F-150 pickup. However, Taurus‘ final output curve will likely be detuned. We also expect smaller engine than that, and Taurus already offers something like that as it is. 2.0L turbocharged 4-cylinder with 240 horses and 270 lb-ft of torque should be enough to power the full-size car, but some people might find it too small – especially since Chinese Taurus is supposed to be heavier than those currently available in the states.

Design – Interior and Outside look

Unlike before when Taurus was usually redesigned from the ground-up, 2016 Ford Taurus CN-Version only evolves previous car’s styling. It features well-known Aston Martin hexagonal metallic grille up front and angular tail-lights at the back. Grille itself is flanked by sharp and rather small headlamps, while tail-lights get a chrome garnish between them.

Car’s midsection reveals almost perfect arching roofline and one deep, sharp crease which stretches across the whole chassis, thus connecting front and rear lights. Car has grown 4 inches in its wheelbase, but that’s the feature exclusively intended for the Chinese market. Whether the upcoming American models are up for the same revision; remains to be seen.


Thanks to the mentioned growth in flagship sedan’s wheelbase, 2016 Ford Taurus CN-Version offers much more room at the back. That was, probably, the whole point of the size change, especially considering the fact that Chinese Taurus will be much more refined. It actually borders on the luxury, and even Lincolns at home will envy some of its features. Rear seat is so comfortable now, that it also offers power-recliner, power lumbar support and even massage feature.

Rear seat passengers will even be offered the opportunity to control the audio system among other things, thanks to the rear seat reclining armrest and its controls. Full panoramic sunroof is also offered, and so are all currently available connectivity features. Materials too are luxurious, and apart from full leather surfaces, Taurus in China offers natural wood and chrome accents.

Safety options

Safety feature list is not yet disclosed, but since 2016 Ford Taurus CN-Version is about to be one of the most refined blue oval’s vehicles overall, we can only expect that it’s respective feature list will be on-par. The list will probably include a rearview camera, parking sensors, blind-spot information system, lane departure warning and adaptive cruise control.

2016 Ford Taurus CN-Version Price and MPG

Fuel economy ratings might suffer a hit thanks to all that extra weight that comes from luxurious materials and additional car length. We expect even the base turbo four to return less than 22/32 mpg which it manages back home, and V-6 will be even more fuel-consuming than that. Finally, while price tag is still undisclosed at this point, we expect the car to be more expensive than any Taurus in the states. It will likely cost close to $50,000 mark.

2016 Ford Taurus CN-Version will be the most refined Taurus up to date. This might be a peak into Taurus‘ future, but more likely it’s just the top level of the car offered in China. However, presented model’s level of luxury is commendable and Chinese executives will likely know how to reward that.

2016 Ford Taurus CN-Version

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