2016 Honda BR-V Review

2016 Honda BR-V concept is bound to become a fully fledged member of Japanese maker’s family during the next year. BR-V which is an abbreviation of “Bold Runabout Vehicle”, is supposed to slot somewhere around the compact CR-V and subcompact HR-V, thus making it one of the smallest offered crossovers in Honda‘s portfolio. You won’t see it neither in Europe nor America, but in few select developing markets like India.

Under the Hood

Even though 2016 Honda BR-V is still in concept phase, its powertrain configuration is largely established. For now, BR-V will ride thanks to 1.5L 4-cylinder petrol engine which generates humble 120 hp and 107 lb-ft of torque. 6-speed manual transmission will be offered from the get-go, but select top grades could be had with optional CVT gearbox for better fuel efficiency. Compact will likely be offered only with front-wheel drive configuration, but optional all-wheel drive with some more upscale models wouldn’t surprise us.

Finally, diesel engine of similar proportions shouldn’t be excluded as well, even though there currently are no info on that possibility.

Design – Inside and Outside look

While official dimensions haven’t been released yet, 2016 Honda BR-V will offer room for up to seven people. This makes us think that it has to be larger than HR-V, but probably not as large as CR-V. Even though still a concept, BR-V is largely ready for production. It borrows some of its styling from Indian market MPV, Honda Mobilio, but essentially incorporates above mentioned crossover’s cues. That way it features largely similar frontal fascia with its siblings, but that’s not all. Midsection has also featured before, but a rear end brings something new.

That’s where BR-V offers unconventional tail-lights and very thin chrome garnish between them. Another, larger garnish is positioned above the license plate inlet, and overall, freshest Honda’s compact features a lot of chrome all over its body. Our guess is that chrome is here only for concept’s purposes, and that final versions won’t be as lavish as this one.


Moving on to BR-V’s interior, one can not notice and not ask :”How is such a small crossover supposed to fit seven people”? Our guess is as good as anyone else’s. Both second, and especially third row of seats will be rather cramped. In fact, third row will likely be intended exclusively for children. As far as interior styling and refinement goes, 2016 Honda BR-V won’t offer anything out of the ordinary.

Cloth seats will likely stretch across the entire range, but top grades might receive some SofTex or faux leatherette treatments. Feature list won’t be on par with HR-V or CR-V because BR-V is intended as more affordable option in developing markets. That’s why you shouldn’t expect any feature more advanced than automatic climate control or smart device charger.


Speaking of features, same will likely go for safety ones. 2016 Honda BR-V will offer standard airbags, stability control and anti-lock brakes, but anything more than that would have to be paid for additionally. Of course, the question is whether there will be something to be ordered optionally?

2016 Honda BR-V interior

New info about BRV : http://2016release.date/2016-honda-br-v-specs-release-date/

2016 Honda BR-V Price & MPG

We won’t delve too deep into fuel economy discussion here. BR-V will certainly be efficient, especially with optional CVT gearbox. Furthermore, second diesel option might be able to further raise the figures. Prices are still undisclosed as well, but judging by market position which is intended for the compact crossover, it will likely cost well below $15,000 to begin with.

2016 Honda BR-V won’t fill Japanese maker’s lineup in the states, Australia or Europe, but it will offer some needed versatility in select Asian markets. Compact is well-built and efficient, but apart from that doesn’t really excel in any other category. Still, rarely any affordable car does.

2016 Honda BR-V 2

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