2016 Renault Alaskan Release date & Price

Overseas pickup truck market is about to become more diverse after the upcoming Frankfurt Auto Show. 2016 Renault Alaskan compact truck is poised to debut there and Hilux, Amarok and Navara will get competition from the most unlikely of sources.

While most of the info is still rather scarce at this point, a lot of it is already known – probably enough to predict Alaskan’s near future (if the name remains Alaskan, that is).

Under the Hood

Speaking of information scarceness, powertrain lineup is arguably the best-kept secret of the upcoming compact. 2.3L twin turbo diesel 4-cylinder engine with 163 hp and around 300 lb-ft of torque is the only engine confirmed thus far. Since 2016 Renault Alaskan is bound to appear in a number of global markets, at least one more diesel and one petrol option should be expected. If not initially, then at least later down the line.

Buyers will also be offered the choice between two and four wheel drivetrain configurations; probably across the entire range. Finally, offering a modern pickup truck across the seas without both manual and automatic options doesn’t bode well for the manufacturer. That’s why Alaskan will likely feature both 6-speed manual and automatic units.

2016 Renault Alaskan
Engine specs
HP @ RPM 188 (Est.)
Torque @ RPM 332 (Est.)
Displacement 2.3 L | turbodiesel
0-60 time 8.5 sec. (Est.)
Top Speed 125 mph (Est.)

Design – Inside and Outside look

Even before the Frankfurt Auto Show, we have been given the opportunity to perceive the pickup from all angles. It is evident that 2016 Renault Alaskan is still a concept, but rather well-executed one which shouldn’t need a lot of changes when the time arrives for production adaptation. However, some work will be required nevertheless. While Renault-Dacia grille layout looks production-ready, cabin only features one window and some of truck’s panels look too futuristic.

While these panels are about to be revised, and the car is about to lose some of its pronouncedness, we still haven’t been given the info about available cab configurations. Crew cab looks iminent, but whether 2-door variant will be offered, remains to be seen. Likewise, bed lengths are also undisclosed at this point. At least one is certain, but French might still manage to mix things up with additional option.


Compact pickup’s interior has still not been revealed. In order to take a peek at the upcoming 2016 Renault Alaskan, you’ll have to wait a little bit more for the official release. However, one can bet that the concept will be too futuristic to be production–ready, and that actual production model is going to be more conservative. While all models will likely feature some kind of cloth fabric seats, Alaskan has been imagined as a truck derived from American market compacts. This means that it’s intended more for businessmen than for conventional hard-working conditions.

This, further, requires a long list of tech and convenience features which should include automatic climate control, heated front seats, touch screen infotainment system (exclusive for top grades) and a few advanced safety systems like a rearview camera and hill-start assist.


Fuel economy ratings haven’t been disclosed yet, and we can’t expect any EPA numbers anyway. However, NEDC figures will likely be larger than EPA numbers could have been anyway, and French have promised best in-class ratings after all.

2016 Renault Alaskan Price

Renault usually charges more for their vehicles than their closest competitors and it probably won’t be different with the Alaskan too. Around €30,000 starting price should be expected, bu that’s still a guess at this point.

2016 Renault Alaskan is debuting soon enough and promises some well-needed fresh blood in overseas compact pickup markets.What can French first forray in this niche yield, however, is still questionable especially considering the fact that Alaskan’s direct opponents will be the likes of Toyota Hilux and Nissan Navara. French will certainly hope for the best, and they still have some time to do something about it.

2016 Renault Alaskan front view

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