2016 Renault Espace

Large MPV market is much more diverse in Europe and Asia than it is in the U.S. Renault Espace is just one example of people movers that do quite a good job overseas but are, sadly, unavailable in North America. Moreover, Espace has been produced 30 years now, and had just entered its fifth generation this year which leaves 2016 Renault Espace as a sure carryover.

The Engine – estimate specs

All Espaces are front-wheel driven and there’s not going to be all-wheel drive even though MPV is much more crossover-like. Powertrains have been downsized, but there’s still just enough choices in both petrol and diesel versions. Whole batch of them develops between 130 and 200 horses, and they mostly revolve around 1.6 liters in displacement in both diesel and petrol burning options. Entry-level models are mated to 6-speed manual gearboxes, while higher grades are equipped with dual-clutch 6-speed automatic ones.

2016 Renault Espace top view

Design – Outside and Inside look

With the change in style, Espace V (V stands for fifth generation) is now 550 pounds lighter. It doesn’t come as a surprise as new Renault’s people mover is much lower than the outgoing model. It exhibits rather curved front end fascia with sinister-looking headlamps and chromed stripy grille which is worthy of any crossover. It has somewhat awkward rear quarter window which gets wider at the top, while rear end is sharply cut. Tail-lights follow the lines of rear roof pillars and offer quite unconventional look, while large tailgate has thick chrome garnish just above the licence plate socket.

2016 Renault Espace

2016 Renault Espace offers enough room for either five or seven passengers. Even though it is smaller now, Espace still offers plenty of room for them. Moreover, seats can be folded and put away which creates abundance of cargo room as well. They are mostly furbished with fabric cloth, but Espace doesn’t wear luxury badge for nothing. Top tiers offer full leather which looks and feels great. Dashboard and door panels are melted in one singular motion, and even veneer which stretches along their whole distance, looks great on them.

2016 Renault Espace side view

Instrument panel is somewhat futuristic with sensor controls which leaves the panel itself quite smooth. 8.7-inch touch screen display is oriented vertically which visually enlarges the cabin, and also offers more options to be displayed at the same time. Apart from premium infotainment system, Espace offers plenty of technologically advanced features, and its safety is also above par. Apart from mandatory systems, French sensation offers a rearview camera, easy park assist, lane departure warning, blind spot monitors and hill-start assist.

2016 Renault Espace rear view

2016 Renault Espace Price and Fuel consumption

Fuel economy ratings aren’t disclosed yet, but with all the downsizing of both body and engines, 2016 Renault Espace will definitely be more fuel efficient than its predecessors were. This means that diesel engines should have combined figures in high twenties with ease. It isn’t yet confirmed, but new Espace should go for at least €33,500, and for at most €47,500.

2016 Renault Espace is a quality van which offers plenty of refinement for its passengers. It is quite fuel-efficient and offers high-quality infotainment system with top class tech and safety features to go around. Sadly, new Espace won’t be offered with right hand drive, hence won’t be available in the U.K., Australia, Japan, India and similar markets.

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