2016 Seat Ibiza Cupra Price and Release date

Ibiza is one of Seat’s longest-serving models with over 30 years of experience. Supermini has been quite popular and had even featured in a few rally competitions during the mid-nineties. It’s currently still in its fourth generation, but has gone through a couple of facelifts – last one happening last year. 2016 Seat Ibiza Cupra is the strongest available Ibiza, and it has been presented at this year’s Frankfurt Auto Show.

The Engine Range

Thanks to the new 1.8L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, Cupra now manages to deliver 192 hp and 236 lb-ft of torque. Not bad for a supermini, wouldn’t you agree? The figures have seen a bump of 12 hp and hefty 52 lb-ft of torque compared to the previous model. 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox has remained standard in new 2016 Seat Ibiza Cupra too, and with complete setup, the car can achieve 0 to 60 time in 6.7 seconds, and top speed of 146 mph.

Furthermore, Ibiza Cupra allows the choice between regular sport or additional comfort mode, latter of which softens the suspension and readjusts the steering.

Design – Inside and Outside

A complete facelift overhaul has made new Ibiza a much more contemporary car. Volkswagen Group doesn’t let their cars fall behind in such an important aspect. Front end of the supermini features a small trapezoidal grille and much larger, inverted open-mouth lower air intake. Headlamps are contemporary too, and behind very sharp mask, you’ll find bi-xenon lights. Cupra unique lettering can be seen both at the front and around the back, while very sharp creases clearly differentiate the car from the rest.

Apart from sharp creases, 2016 Seat Ibiza Cupra’s midsection offers 17-inch 5-spoke Barcino alloy wheels, while car’s behind features a single angular exhaust pipe at bumper’s mid-lower end.

Inside view

Interior has gone through extensive overhaul as well. 2016 Seat Ibiza Cupra is entirely furbished with sport faux leather upholstery, while most of the firm parts have been made out of plastic. Dashboard itself is curved and sporty thanks to the circular airvents. Steering wheel has been ergonomically designed, especially for the purpose of the new Ibiza, and it comes wrapped in leather. There’s a 6.5-inch touchscreen seamlessly inserted in the control panel which, again is seamlessly melted with the rest of the dash.

A few more advanced features will be offered in the new Ibiza Cupra, but they will mostly be of connectivity nature. Bluetooth, 12-volt outlet, USB port and optional navigation are some of the most advanced convenience connectivity options here.

Safety options

Safety features start with the new LED headlamps which improve both passenger’s and pedestrian’s safety. There’s also a tiredness recognition system which might be cool at first, but could get rather annoying later on. This system analyzes your behavior and starts beeping if it detects any erratic behavioral patterns in your driving. Furthermore, 2016 Seat Ibiza Cupra offers parking assist and multi-collision braking system which further enhance supermini’s advanced electronic safety system list.

2016 Seat Ibiza Cupra Price

This is still a fresh addition to the market and hasn’t been rated yet when it comes to its fuel efficiency. However, it features Polo GTI’s powertrain which means that Polo’s own 27 mpg in the city and 36 mpg on the highway might replicate themselves in new Ibiza Cupra too. When it becomes available, and this should happen soon, Cupra will likely start from around £14,000 or €18,000, but final prices should be larger than that.

2016 Seat Ibiza Cupra will put up the most rotational force among all supermini performance-oriented cars, but it will still remain behind Fiesta ST in terms of power. However, Spanish subcompact features streamlined new design and refurbished interior with added few features, especially those of the safety origin.

2016 Seat Ibiza Cupra side view

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