2016 Toyota Supra Price

Rumor or not, but, if this news are true, this is an amazing, new 2016 Toyota Supra. New Supra is based on FT-1 concept, and brings better features. It should be in showrooms in fall this or early next year.

13 isn’t widely considered as a lucky number, but it might be just that for Toyota Supra’s fans. After 13 year hiatus, one of the most renowned Japanese sports cars might find its way back to the streets. After Toyota revealed their FT-1 concept last year, many car enthusiasts stated that this will be the role model for next, fifth generation of Supras. Judging by the rumors, they were right.

Still, Japanese manufacturer managed to hide future Supra’s powertrain details from us. The only thing we do know for sure is that BMW and Toyota work together on a new platform which is supposed to be shared between Supra and Bavarian next generation of Z4.

Moreover, Supra never really had a large powertrain which, incidentally, happens to be in perfect harmony with current market affairs. 4-cylinders are most likely the only considered options for now, but they will have to be turbocharged in order for sports car to stand up to its name. Even hybrid option wouldn’t come as a surprise, but we’ll have to wait and see what will happen, anyway.

Design – Inside and Outside look

FT-1 concept is way too futuristic and not really production-friendly, to say the least. That’s why 2016 Toyota Supra will take a different approach when exterior design is concerned. There won’t be any Formula-inspired parts, but new Supra will keep a low profile and modern body; of course, to the extent which current conditions allow.

If you really can’t wait to see it, you’ll stay disappointed for the time being, but take a look at new Acura NSX. This should put a picture in your mind of what it should look like, more or less. That said, expect a contemporary design with lots of curves and some air intakes here and there.


Supra always used to be 2-door coupe with optional second row of seats. 2016 Toyota Supra won’t offer anything different, but don’t expect to fit five or even four passengers in it. Even three might be a crowd if they’re all adults. Still, sports cars aren’t made for people moving, but for enjoyment in pure performance symphony only they can give you. Refinement is somewhat of an enigma still, but we expect Supra to be offered to wide range of possible buyers. That’s why it should come in base and premium forms with everything from cloth seats and black plastic dash, to leather-covered surfaces and sport seats.

If Japanese decide to go with hybrid, expect 2016 Toyota Supra to offer more than solid fuel efficiency figures for a sports car. If not, Supra should still be admirable in that department as it most likely won’t have too large engines under its hood.

2016 Toyota Supra side view

2016 Toyota Supra Price details

Finally, prices are still wild guesses at this point. Don’t expect them to be offered for less than $30,000, but even that seems as rather optimistic price tag.

2016 Toyota Supra will continue straight where its predecessor left off, if that’s possible at least. Decade and a half of pause will clearly leave insurmountable gap between these two generations of sports car, but at least Supra’s coming home. Once again, all these details are rumors, still. But, on the other hand according to the many sites, new Supra will be launched next year.

The biggest competitors are Nissan 350Z Roadster and Chevrolet Corvette Stingray.


More info: http://www.topspeed.com/cars/toyota/2016-toyota-supra-convertible-ar162713.html

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