2018 BMW i7 – rumors and release date

When it comes to electric cars, BMW is really starting to take things seriously as of late. It looks like the newest addition to the “i” family will be a sedan, the 2018 BMW i7, even though it is so far away it doesn’t even have a name at this point. It might just as well be called i5, for all we know. Whatever we choose to call it, the car has a fierce battle ahead – the Tesla can be a fierce opponent. There is very little known on this car.

It will feature a newly-developed BMW’s new Cluster Architecture (CLAS). It is a modular platform that will be used on nearly all BMW models between the Series 3 and 7. Interestingly enough, this will be more like a reversed hybrid, with a small gasoline engine accompanying the main drive – the twin electric motors. We’ll provide more information as it comes in.

All-new Design – Exterior & Inside look

The thing about the i7’s exterior is that it is still being designed as we speak, so guessing what this car might look like seems like a fool’s errand. We know it’s going to be a sedan, so that should give us a basic idea as to what we should expect. If the BMW heads decide to follow the cues set by the 7 Series, there is a good chance that the dimensions and the overall style will be similar. However, if they go for the i5 name instead and decide to follow a different concept, there’s no telling what they might do next.


The inside of the 2018 BMW i7 features a story that is similar to that of its exterior. BMW has its own way of dealing with the indoor features, so the overall vide should be similar to that of the other vehicles. In other words, future i7 owners should expect a great deal of luxury, including lots of high-quality leather, plus a high degree of craftsmanship to boot.

There is ample time for the BMW to think up some fancy techno gadgets for its brainchild. It will certainly need them to match the offer made by Elon Musk and his team. The display should serve as a central hub for all of the non-driving operations within the vehicle, including infotainment and navigation.

2018 BMW i7 platform

Under the Hood – predictions & rumors

As for the engine, we know next to nothing on the exact specs. But, the latest reports suggest that new i7 model will be significantly different from i8. We expect to see more power, thanks to combination of 4-cylinder engine and two electric motors. Gasoline unit will produce 245 hp and it will have help from two electric motors that can together deliver 335 horsepower. Front unit adds 245 hp while the rear one delivers 95 hp. Gasoline and electric units are still being developed and at this point we still do not have any official info about poweertrain.

When it comes to transmission, reports speculate that it will bring a combination of automatic 6-speed and a two-step for the electric motor. With this setup expect decently higher fuel economy over vehicles of this size while in performance segment this sedan will achieve a max speed around 155 mph, and acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in less than 5 seconds.


2018 BMW i7

2018 BMW i7  Release Date

Apparently, the 2018 BMW i7 is being prepared to launch in time for the next-gen 5 series, which would put its release somewhere in 2018, if we are not mistaken.


The price of the 2018 BMW i7 is not going to be revealed for quite some time, as the car is still being developed. However, since the i7 is going to have to wage war against Tesla, it better have a price that will attract customers. If they decide to go low and aim for the largest customer base possible, the price should not exceed $70,000.

Then again, the BMW designers might decide to go nuts, load the car with all kinds of gismos and pump the price above $120,000. It’s simply too early to tell.

2018 BMW i7 rendering

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