2018 Honda CRZ – a new two-seater is coming

2018 Honda CRZ  is the newest a two-seater in Honda’s offer. The CRZ has been an iconic model for Honda as one of the cheaper alternatives for all those sports cars. On top of that it was a blast to drive and it was quite powerful too. Honda did try to resurrect the model with the current CRZ but they weren’t really able to because even though the car looks great, it uses a hybrid powertrain which is barely adequate to drive the car at highway speeds. The upcoming 2018 Honda CRZ has been announced to be something a bit better than that.

Firstly, it seems that this time around it will not be sold as a standalone model but it will rather be part of the Civic lineup. Secondly, unlike the current model which is more of a hybrid car for people who want to look cool, this new model is going to be an all our sports car which is set to be slotted above the Type R Civic in certain markets.

The car will use a shorter Civic platform with a dedicated suspension system which may be developed in cooperation with Mugen. It will get bigger brakes than the standard car as well as sticky tires and it should be a blast to drive thanks to all of that.

Performance and Engine range

Under the hood of the 2018 Honda CRZ we should see a similar 2.0 liter turbocharged inline 4 to the current European Type R. However, this time around the engine will be further tweaked and tuned in order to provide even more power and Honda also said that the possibility of a high performance hybrid is not out of the question. This means we could get a 400 horsepower hybrid hot-hatchback which will be able to outrun a stock Porsche 911. The petrol engine will send all of its power to the front wheels via a 6 speed manual gearbox while the rear axle will be powered by an electric motor which will be there just to boost the performance of the car.

When it comes performance, 0 to 60 MPH time of around 5 seconds and a top speed higher than 160 MPH are very possible considering the power of the new powertrain. We just hope that Honda will be able to develop the design in order to be usable and not just a good on the paper design.

All-new Design and Style

The exterior design is going to be somewhat similar to that of the ongoing model and we are certain that it will also borrow design cues from the original. It will be a two-door hot-hatchback with a rather low roof-line which this time around will get the front end of the upcoming Civic. We expect a rather aggressive aerodynamic kit on it to help it at high speed and also to impress people.

Inside view

Inside the cabin of the 2018 Honda CRZ there should be enough room for up to four adults but we are positive that the rear seats will barely be adequate. The dashboard is going to get a unique a rather minimalistic design while the seats could be provided by Bride or Recaro in order to give it the sporty feel. At this point in time is still early to say what kind of equipment it will get but the current Honda Civic Type R should give us a good indication about this and also about the quality of the materials that will be used inside the cabin.

2018 Honda CRZ

2018 Honda CRZ Price & Release date

The price is still unknown but considering the performance levels expected from it, we are almost certain that it will cost over $40,000 on the US market. The release date is likely going to be at the 2017 Tokyo Auto Show and it should be ready for sale by the start of 2018.

On the other hand, some reports say that new CRZ will debut at 2017 Detroit Auto Show. But, this information is unconfirmed, and first official details may be presented in second half 2016.

2018 Honda CRZ front fascia

Details at link.

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