Volkswagen Golf R500 – the most powerful VW car

Volkswagen Golf R500 is the real monster on the road! The VW Golf R is a very impressive car but it has been criticized in numerous occasions as being just too soft in comparison with its less expensive sibling, the GTI. However, while it lacked in driving pleasure, it made up with an incredible engine and transmission. This is also the main reason while it quickly became a tuner favorite and there already are a few specialized tuning companies which do upgrade the usual Golf R.

One of these companies is Oettinger which has a long running history with VW, ever since their air cooled engines. The company is based in Germany and they already offered a few tuning packages for the R and for the GTI but this time they went a bit further and released the Volkswagen Golf R500, a high performance version of the R which will only be built to order.

Sporty Design – aggressive look and special options

Outside look

The exterior of the R500 is nothing short of amazing either. The car looks incredibly aggressive thanks to an entirely new wide-body kit which comes with new bumpers, wheel arches and side-skirts. The front as well as the mirrors feature orange accents to contrast with the gray exterior while the rear end has a massive diffuser installed as well as the exhausts of the brake-cooling ducts. The R also features a subtle spoiler mounted on the hatch door which will prove useful at high speeds.

The widened body kit is there because they worked on the car’s suspension which now comes from the TT-RS. This means it is wider and much lower than before as well as it now comes with a magnetic ride control system that will be very useful on the track. The car also gets carbon-ceramic brakes and high performance tires wrapped around lightweight rims.

Inside view

The interior of the Volkswagen Golf R500 is nothing short of a piece of art mainly because Oettinger went for a really nice paint scheme. The usual piano black inserts on the dashboard have been painted with a gray camouflage design which contrasts quite nicely with the exterior paint scheme. The instrument cluster received orange needles and the steering wheel received the same pattern as the dashboard but this time in a bright orange color.

The car comes with all the usual equipment of a Golf R such as climate control, satellite navigation, Recaro seats with a unique upholstery this time around as well as a pair of rear seats which is quite a surprise.

The Engine & Performance

In terms of engines, the Volkswagen Golf R500 doesn’t feature the usual 2 liter TFSi unit of the usual R. Oettinger went instead for the 2.5 liter inline 5 from the Audi TT-RS. This has been extensively modified so most of its internals are all new, it has a new air intake and exhaust system as well as a different ECU and higher capacity injectors. This means that the 2.5 liter engine will make 518 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque which is at least 60% better than the regular R as well as better than pretty much most other sport cars on the market.

The engine is then mated to the same gearbox as the one found in the RS3 which sends its power to an all wheel drive system that has been tweaked in order to send as much power to the rear wheels as possible.

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Acceleration 0 – 60 mph

The end result is that the Golf R500 will get to 60 MPH from a standing start in just 3.4 seconds and it will hit a top speed higher than 186 MPH which easily makes it the fastest hatchback in the World.

If this doesn’t sound good then Oettinger is also going to offer a 600, 650 or 750 horsepower version of the same car which will likely put to shame a lot of super-cars.

Volkswagen Golf R500

Volkswagen Golf R500 Price

The best part is that unlike with most other concept cars, the Volkswagen Golf R500 is already available for sale and despite being a tuned car, the buyer doesn’t even have to get their own car to Oettinger. In fact, Oettinger will be able to source a Golf R and modify it.

The total cost for all of this will be nearly $170,000 which is almost three times as much as a Corvette! At this price point the car will come with a completely new engine with a lot of upgrades made to it, a different running gear as well as a lot of changes inside and out.

 More info at GTSpirit.

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